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The Precious Perspectives Philosophy I've always believed that photography is about the moment, and becoming a Mother has further validated this belief for me. My favourite photos of my daughter are the ones that happen in the purest, simplest moments. A genuine smile when she sees the cat walk by, the look of wonder on her face when she's watching Daddy prepare her dinner; there's something so real about moments like those that translates into the most stunning photographs. I've brought this approach into all of my photography, and it never works better than when I'm photographing parents and their children. Mutual laughter, playful spirits, and unconditional love come through when babies and parents are relaxed and having real life moments together. To sum it up, my style strikes a balance between professional portraiture and candid realism. But what's just as important as style and technique is the love of taking photos. And I have no shortage of that.

Precious Perspectives by Stephanie Deline

 PHOTO  SERIES OF THE WEEK A former journalism classmate of mine, whom I have remained friends with, enlisted me to snap some fun shots of his ten-year anniversary with his lovely wife. I’ll never forget this shoot! These are such … Continue reading

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